blurry, pixie me.

Hi, my name is Lisa and I have been a vegetarian for over 27 years. I’ve been baking and cooking ever since I can remember. I usually had a seat or a step stool to stand on in the kitchen when my mom or grandmas cooked or baked because I was always curious about what was going on and was eager to help out. I owe what I know to my mom and grandmas who showed me the way around the kitchen and I’ve felt comfortable there ever since. I think food brings people together and creates food and sensory memories. For me, there’s not much that’s more enjoyable than cooking with someone, or making a meal for someone. I think everyone has the ability to cook and bake, and I highly suggest trying them out. There’s nothing super fancy here; just simple vegetarian and many baked goods recipes. I hope to capture several of my culinary attempts here on this site and I hope that you enjoy the recipes.

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